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Thursday, February 19

I swear I flooded my certina about four times last night. I don't know what we were laughing so hard at but I was grossly out of control of my vodka and red bull filled bladder. Maybe it was Lil Red's attempt to mimic the professional ballet dancers who were pirouetting round the dance floor of the gay bar. To say her high kicks were put to shame is an understatement. Actually I blame the gratis champagne courtesy of the owner which was dished out because it was The Beast's birthday. All those bubbles went to her legs and to my belly.

That's two visits to the gay bar in 5 days! What on earth? It was mucho spontaneous fun but today it's all blurred vision and puffy eyes. What a treat.

*Reality Tv Star Alert*

Remember Shipwrecked? Remember the year when lesbo Lucy got herself in a state over a gay flag? Remember Stuart the camper than Kylie dancer? I can't imagine why but he was in the gay bar shaking his teeny booty on Saturday amidst a mild flurry of attention from those who have been wacthing the Shipwrecked repeats on Trouble.

*Reality Tv Star Alert Part Two*

Lynne Moncrieff sans trademark hat but instead sporting a massive fringe.

Two in one week. It's all too much.

Today's Likes

My non frizzy hair but how long can it last?
A whole week off with my Lil Red
The oddly deformed look that toe socks deliver
Pink balloons
Pissing glitter

Today's Dislikes

The return of the tapered jean. Top Shop, I blame you.
Break ups :-(
Beautiful nails caught in vicious cheese graters
Being surrounded by whiffy arses
Two days left of holidays :-(
Fainting escapades