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Sunday, February 8

I think I was the worst dancer in the gay bar last night. That is, the worst dancer after the air punchers, the ryhthm-less side steppers and the wedding function dancers. No that was all me too so I definitely was the worst dancer last night. At least I didn't highkick to Girls Aloud's 'Jump'. I saved that for Lil Red who cleared the floor with her flying legs quicker than the vodka slid back up my throat. It was mucho fun though. Even if by 1pm I was so lacking in energy but so desperate to 'dance' that I was slouched on Lil Red with this maniacal look in my now squint eye. We wouldn't have looked out of place at a school disco although how we managed to slow dance (can standing stationary but for a shoulder twitch every so often be classed as a slow dance?) to Pink I do not know. Why we started to dance ala Britney/Madonna/Christina at the MTV Awards I do not know. Why I drink such strong vodka measures I do not know. Why Lil Red found my ultra husky voice (through too many smokes) sexy I do not know. How many random texts I sent throughout the course of our night I definitely do not or do not want to know.

Not to worry, I have suffered the consequences of all that today and I have been in my pyjamas so long that they are welded to my aching, hungover body like a leotard. It's not pretty. But in general, hangover days with hangover food and hangover TV rock, though the hangover bit I could clearly do without. But now I must go limber up my jaw because there is a clever little poached egg muffin calling my name.