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Wednesday, March 24

Little Miss Fee (hey, not so much of the little...) is off on a rail-road trip to Manchester. Buddies in tow are of course my Lil Red, a J Bo and a Gentleman. Our first outing to the Gay Village. Quelle excitement. We were refused entry from one gay hotel after a slip of lesbo tongue divulged that J Bo was indeed a member of the not so exclusive Hetty Betty clan but after biting that loose tongue of mine the next time around we managed to slip her in as swiftly as a moist finger, on the bravado that J Bo is a beaver hunter too. Oh the scandal.

Am very excited about the prospect of a whole gay village. Seeing as we have a choice of two bars here (in one of which you find poops in pint glasses and the other which is the size of my fat big toe), the very thought of more bars than I have pink nails is very exciting. All that dancing, all that vodka and all those unfamilar queer faces is just too much for Miss Fee to handle.

And what makes it even more exciting is that we have a little lady called Pink, I don't know if you have heard of her... to see one night and on the way home we will be stopping in Glasgow to see a few more lil ladies called, Hot Scouser, Geisha and Muttville aka Sugababes, if they haven't fully fallen out with each other by then and committed a murder.

And so I go iron my hair, apply some fake bits and bowl cut J Bo's wondrous bob.