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Sunday, May 9

I have been on Aberdeen's gay scene (if 1 club which changes venue every couple of years constitutes a scene that is) for little under a decade. Despite how much I and everyone else in Aberdeen apparently dislikes our pathetic, bitchy, tiny scene, I have probably been out about every second week in the time I have been a lesbo, from Club Caberfeidh to Castros to Club 2000 to Castros again to OUT and now to Indigo. That's a lot of hanging out with seeminlgy the same crowd of people. However, despite this, I am still considered to be a fag hag. Classically on Saturday, The Gentleman was accused of showing off to his three fag hags as myself, Lil Red and The Queen of Fun lolled all over each other like the beaver hunters we are. It seems that it doesn't matter that I kiss my girlfriend, as long as we have hair we will forever be seen as straight, even to those that we've recognised from the shitty scene for years. It may be more understandable if we were sat there in teeny skirts, heavy make-up and those freakishly high stiletto heels but last I checked I was hardly in this ultra femme category. My only femme esque qualities are my hair which usually looks as though it needs a good brush, and my sparkley nails which are too damn stumpy to be considered girlie. I would care less if people didn't have such an issue with the fact they think I am a fag hag but the attitude received from some people suggests they have a total problem with me and my other long haired friends and it is so completely annoying and rude. I dislike fag hags as much as the next person, especially when they are taking up the dance floor with their boas and massive hair and licking up any available gay man sweat but to make these assumptions about people just because they do not have Alex Park hair or wear men's jeans is just stupid. Sorry if our lesbo defying hair offends you all so much but if I'm stood there most weekends kissing my girl to Britney in a probably lurid, unattractive manner then work it out. It can't be that difficult to comprehend hair that goes down instead of up can it?

Nevermind, I suppose in my dear old age I should be used to it by now and clearly their ignorance is as likely to change as my hair is to shrink ten inches so let's talk Britney.

Don't worry I will keep this briefer than her underwear as I'm sure I don't need to tell you how hot the show was even if we did almost suffocate in a sea of confetti and even if the dork in front of me took about 162 photos per song and continually blocked my view in the process. Obviously she mimed a heap but hell if it's it the choice between a hot and sexy dance routine or a live rendition of a song, I think I know which I prefer so bring on the impressive high kicks and oodles of writhing and cute ass shaking baby. Anyway, it was fantastic and I now have this rash on my chin from where the drool has been collecting ever since. Delicious.

Anyway, I got up too early today and my head is fuzzier than an unkempt chuff so I must go de-fuzz with tea and Rules of Attraction.

Today's Likes

My hot new Storm watch, perspex, steel, purple. Ace
Garlic on everything. I am such a delight to kiss
Valley of the Dolls
Boxer pants, yum
My baby, almost two years
Our best bud, Queen of Fun, who has successfully removed the sarcasm from her weblog name :-)

Today's Dislikes

My lack of blog access cause of yet another virus on my special laptop
Overuse of exclamation marks
Me side on
Inapproriate jealousy
Velour, there is no need
Britney with brown hair
Eliza Dushku with... no wait for it... a fringe. WRONG.