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Thursday, May 20

Well, happy anniversary to my Lil Red and my gay self :-) Two fabulous years of lesbo love, it's so all good.

Anyway.. aint you all just busting to know how the 'lovely' Rhona Cameron was last weekend? Three words... What an arse. Her talk was pretty funny which was just as well as I could see nothing past the massive man beast in tweed sitting in front of me so I was forced to actually listen to her, as well as to the random sweetie paper rustler which Rhona herself sorted out with a quick remark. I snuck out near the end incase I was caught in a stampede of Alex Parks wannabes as they rushed to get their copies of Rhona's book signed. Up close she was smaller than my fist and not the rough looking dyke I was expecting. In fact she was pretty cute. However, as she took her seat in front of the moist crowd, it was only to clear that she had major tude. She appeared to be short in manner as well as in height and everything seemed a chore. She clearly felt she was someone far better than she was, and sulked her way through the signing, only turning on the lesbo charm when the cameras or microphones were directed toward her. I felt she was totally rude toward her 'fans' who were totally excited to meet their dyke icon only to be given blunt answers and bored expressions from her. I liked her book and I suppose it was only to be expected that she would claim all the media attenion (afterall she had been in the jungle with fellow non-stars for almost two weeks...)but when there were some amazing literary figures there who got no recognition in comparison it seemed totally inapproriate for her to be so aloof and up-her-arse. It is not as though she is an A list celebrity and she was probably only known within the lesbo community before that jungle nonsense. Her sitcom Rhona hardly broght in the viewers, you know? And that was that. It (or rather, she) was disappointing really but not to worry. I'm sure I have more important stuff to worry about than Rhona Cameron throwing Diva strops such as figuring out how old my new obsession Lindsay Lohan really is and whether my nail varnish (silver and purple on alternate nails) will need retouched before Saturday night.

And so I go nurse the bruise on my forehead which I did not receive walking into the glass front door of Abacos... Has Abacos closed down? My forehead and I seemed to get that impression the other night... Do we have yet another gay bar casualty on our hands? Does that mean there will be no more jobbies in pint glasses (if the rumours are true) and no more week night Kareoke? Real tears... no really.

Lindsay, Lindsay, how old art thou Lindsay?