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Friday, July 9

I hate a random cling on as much as I hate those people who publicly burst into song with no good reason or warning but yet I still seem to attract these randoms like the proverbial flies to shit (yeah yeah). No matter where I am, no matter who I am with, there's always someone comletely unwelcome flocking to my side. Usually it's the homeless or the drunken fuckered types it has to be said, like the guy the other day who chased me down the road because I wouldn't take his 'lucky' penny which was laden with what looked like turd from him. He made sure it was rush hour so every bus shelter was full to capacity and beyond before launching into an unintelligible tirade as I scurried along, pink and ashamed in my stupid shoes which make a hasty getaway impossible. Damn those impractical shoes. Will I never learn? The broken bones say clearly not.

Also, every time I venture out I always seem to stumble upon someone who recognises me from school. Of course that means they must grab me, pull me in all directions in some faux 'I love you' kinda of way and tell me how good it it is to see me as I'm left scrambling for air and a name. I finally remember who they are (4 years older, 6 years younger) and also remember never having exchanged a single word with them, ever. Yet here they are despereate to tell me bout their fabulous new boyfriend, their children and how they work in an office and shag the boss. Touched as I am to have these complete strangers reveal their lives to me, why choose me? Because I have a friendly, inviting face? I'm quite sure not, so what is it? Because they think in all their skinny and tannedness they are better than me? Maybe. But most likely it's because I will sit there and listen to their crap, take it all in, gasp and guffaw at appropriate intervals and even stroke their pregnant guts when instructed. God I really do bring this on myself don't I?

I didn't however bring on the ugliest fucker in the world who approached us last week. Four lesbos nursing pints and chatting about hot girls are just minding their own busniess when ugly dreadlock guy with a face larger than this ego and teenage acne to boot comes over and throws himself ontop of my bag, busting my CD player in the process with his polyester clad arse, and starts throwing these hideous chat up lines around and asking for our dating advice. It was so repulsive but as usual I'm at a total loss for things to say, not wanting to encourage the ugly nor wanting to draw attention to ourselves in the middle of a very crowded bar. I don't know why these deplorable people find it acceptable (even funny) to approach strangers and try and infiltrate conversations that clearly do not concern them. What's the point? Am I missing something or am I just anti social and not all embracing when it comes to vile men whose boners threaten to burst the stitching on their cheap trousers. There really is no need so stop bothering me creeps, whether my face accidently knotted in a scowl invites you or not.

Man that was a mammoth rant. Longer than my hair at present. It just seems like a waste of time to have to listen to people who have gotten themselves too fucked ranting on to me about themselves when I sadly have no interest in them (and they me, were they sober enough to reliase it). Grrr.

Today's Likes

Brain Krakow (my so called life) in Tru Calling sans mega hair
5 more work days then 2 weeks holiday
15 hours sleep
Buffy in bed... ;-)

Today's Dislikes

Barefeet in the workplace. There's just no need.
That damn lense in my glasses that keeps popping out at the most inappropriate times
Unadorned wrists
Becki, Jason, Big Brother wanks
The blotches that central heating brings out. Patchy.