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Wednesday, August 18

Eyebrow Etiquette

Is there such a thing? Am totally thinking not.

I am so fed up of people over plucking and stupidly shaping their eyebrows. I'm blessed with the type of eyebrows that have never needed plucked or waxed and have retained a good shape throughout my life. However, having witnessed monobrows that blend into hairlines over the years I do appreciate that two brows are better than one and that most girls seem to need to stab vicously above their eyelids until poof... the perfect eyebrows. However, there really is no excuse for removing so much of the hair that you could be albino and nor is it acceptable to shape the brows into high arches, tiny stumps or what looks like the initials of your name. Is there? Eye brows can make or break your face, they are such an important featrure and it is therefore vital that you get it right no? How can I take someone seriously who has drawn on black eyebrows under their bleach blonde hair? And how can I not laugh at you when you see more ridge than brow? What about when your idea of symetery is so far up your ass that you've got one eyebrow stretching across your forehead and the other crawling heavenward?

I've always had a fear of freshly plucked eyebrows... you know the way the flame and swell up and looked like a chicken's ass? I don't know where my repulsion stemed from but it makes me physcially sick to have to speak to someone with freshly hairless eyebrows... especially if they are so severely done. You can have nicely shaped brows without mutilating yourself in the process you know. So just sort it out. I'm having none of it. I'll sand them off and redraw them with purple nail varnish if I have to. It would look a damn sight better than some of the sights I'm sick of seeing.

Anyway, my week, apart from being full of vile eyebrows, has been fab for three days and rubbish for two days. Obviously I was off for the fabulous part and working for the rubbish part. The majority of the boxes are unpacked, my fingers are fully nail-less and our flat is so damn pretty. So life is actually rather swell.

As I have precisely 12 minutes to write this I really must be off. And so I go get physically prised off the keyboard by the next minker waiting in line to access the porn for free.