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Tuesday, August 24

It's no wonder the Vengaboys have intruded my mind with their cheesey Europop tunes as I am infact going to Ibiza in a mere 4 days. Yes, Fee the hater of all things sunny and the loather of minimal clothing is going on a beach holiday. How I will cope in the extreme heat in head to toe polyester is beyond me. I don't do swimming, I don't do shorts, I don't do vest tops and I certainly do not do swimwear.

Despite my obvious fear of the heat I am actually looking forward to going. I'm envisioning a large parosol, plenty of sangria, more books than I can carry and a bottle of factor 78. If I can tear myself away from the hotel room and the free food it will be fully fabulous. Jusy myself, my girl and The Beast and NO traumas... Not to mention no tan as I'm sure I'll come back a mere one shade darker than milk. Either that or I will be that lovely colour of period red that I seem to be so fond of turning in any heat stronger than 11oC. Isn't fair skin such a blessing??

And so I go pack the few items of clothes that are actually suitable for wearing on the beach (for goodness sake, put the mad made fibres back in the drawer) while dreaming of leaving a good few of my bellies behind... before they get the chance to be exposed (however accidently) to the public eye as they loll on sun loungers and cavort on the beach.

So I will see you in a week or so, providing I haven't been accidently harpooned or used as an anchor for that wayward fishing boat.