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Friday, September 24

I emailed my ex tutor the other day and I casually mentioned that I was still working where I do. He responded not so casually, demanding an explanation as to what the hell I was doing still working in a bloody shop a good year after I graduated with a decent degree. Why are you not applying for publishing jobs in London? And the thing is, he totally has a point. My stop-gap job has turned into a bloody career and it's rather worrying. I suppose I got a little too comfortable in a job serving customers for like £5 an hour... How is that possible? Why have I applied for precisely two jobs since I started working in my 'temporary' job? Is it because I'm lazy? Well there is that also but mainly it's because I know I have to move away in order to do something that I'm vaguely interested in. Of course I've known that the publishing prospects in Aberdeen are non existant since I opted to study the degree so after 4 years I really should have been prepared to just get my ass somewhere else but no, I'm still here, working in a shop but yet still only thinking about applying elsewhere. What's that all about? Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time will know that I hate Aberdeen (correction, I hate the people) more than I hate an unflushable turd and I moan about it accordingly so why oh why am I not doing more to get my sorry ass out of here? I'd love to move to Edinburgh where the people seem more open than the shallow minded Aberdonian bints but the job opportunities in my field are not exactly booming at the moment. My real option is London and I just can't do it. I began my blog there when I was on placement for only 6 weeks and that was more than enough. It scared me tremendously. But then I'd work in New York in a second and I imagine life there is similar to London, ultra fast paced, heaps going on so why is London such an issue? I have no real answer to that, it's just always a place that I've found excellent for a holiday but having to traipse around on that claustraphobic underground every day would kill me. Being that close to strangers with body odour and mental problems is just not my idea of fun, especially on a hot summer's day when you end up with a face full of bushy armpit hair.

The longer I leave getting a publishing job, the harder it is to get one. I regret starting work straight from uni and not thinking about it more thoroughly. I should have done what Sparklecat did and actually get off my low butt and goddam apply for jobs and accept the fact that I must get out. I must leave my family and friends behind and I need to get over the issue I have with that, unless I want to continue punting books to the literate ( and very often illiterate) masses. I will find a fabulous job in publishing, oh yes I will find a fabulous job in publishing. The new, committed to finding an ace job Fee has been born...

And so I go commit myself to the agony that is application forms while trying not to think about my return to work in a mere 4 days...

Today's Likes

MTV's Boiling Point, I wouldn't last a minute
Chocolate soya milk
Bum cracks belonging to a good ass
My Perogative video... writhing around in small pants Britney? SO unlike you ;-)
Dana, the L Word

Today's Dislikes

Being more irritable than a bowel syndrome
Slap her... She's French, Piper what the buggery are you playing at?
Gwenith Turner
Having no suitable clothes for an interview, should I ever get one :-)
Emergency socks... cartoon charcters Fee, just not cool