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Wednesday, September 29

I went back to work yesterday and it was every bit as daunting as I thought it would be. I even had to get on public transport (shock horror) because I knew my wiggly legs would not withstand even the 15 minute walk. It's typical that the day I decide to return the land of employment is the same day that the bloody College starts. SO I was crammed onto the bus, sandwiched in between prepubescent teens clutchin a variety of coloured folders to their teeny chests and being jostled from every angle. Thank christ my spinny head drowned out the noise of their incessant girly giggling. I got off the bus in a worse state than I got on, face the colour of milk and my legs shaking with more vigour than a washing machine on high spin. Quite attractive I should think.

The day passed without major event thank god although people's interest in me was soon diminished as they noticed my fabulous new boots which were absolutely more important than my well being. They are fuscia pink afterall. I did hope that by the time I was ready to face the world again that the poncho trend may have peaked and passed us by. Alas, I've seen more big titted wannabes in their stupid attempt at being 'trendy' today than i saw fake Luis Vuitton accesories. It's truly tragic. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

Also in my absense, at least three new bars have sprung up because that's what this town filled with morons needs; yet more places to house the neddy twats who'll glass you just for the sheer buggery of it being Saturday night. Oh joy oh joy! It's so good to be back. Although I imagine I'll be off the social scene for some time to come because alcohol is strictly off the menu. Sadly I cannot socialise past 10pm without a good dose of vodka and/or beer and so in my home I will remain. Wow, the excitement is really killing me.

Anyway, by the time I drag my wilting butt home, eat my meagre portion (yes really), get some girl love and catch up on all your fabulous blogs, it's basically bed time and I've hardly anytime to write this bad boy so this is probably shorter than a shorn bush. Good for you me thinks.

Anyway, I must go as I feel like a mouldy toldy and my eyes are stinging like a lumpy chuff due to the unnecessary harsh lighting in my shop.

Oh and for some reason that bitch halocan has not allowed me to post comments on my own blog so apolgies, I wasn't ignoring all the commentary... Long live a foreign accent and about 6 out of the 8 L Word chicks. Rarr.