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Saturday, September 25

Jodie Foster is so hot. I just watched Panic Room for the first time and had I known just how hot Ms Foster was gonna be, I'd have rented it, fuck it, bought it years ago whenever it came out.

I first became obsessed with the sexy-accented cutie after watching the original Freaky Friday when she was only about 14 or so. I think I was only about 7 so it wasn't so creepy until I surpassed her in age. I would get my parents to record it every Christmas and then watch it until the tape packed in, no longer able to withstand my constant viewings. I didn't understand why I was so fixated with her until it dawned on me that, oh shit, I'm a gay. That was around the time all the initial controversy about her sexuality was flying around and I was convinced that with Jodie as my girlfriend, I would conquer the world of gay and be the new world famous lesbian girlfriend. I finally realised that whether she was gay or nae, there was about as much chance I'd ever meet her, let alone date her fro christ sakes, as there was me turning back to boys. And so I decided to become her instead. Creepy? Yes. I got my hugely long untameable locks cut into some sleek lesbo bob with an extreme side shade and adopted a gruff American slurr. It was really quite tragic and clearly my deluded self looked as much like her as I did Tom Sellick. Actually, with that facial hair, I wasn't so far off being a grade A Tom Sellick lookalike.

And so I haven't really rated much of her movies since I managed to curb my odd obsession but even still, she mostly always looks so damn fine. I imagine she must be pushing on a bit now and she is still making me swoon. Impressive I'd say. Mind you, she'll be hot even when she's blue-rinsed 'cause all she need do is open that sexy mouth of hers and our rolls one of THE hottest accents. Up there with Holly Hunter. Rarr...

And so I go concentrate on Newlyweds because Jessica is so cute without all that make up and hairspray and stupid puffy dresses. Oh yeah, and when she keeps her singing to herself.