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Sunday, September 12

Radha Mitchell

I am sporadically obsessed with this girl. Having exhausted the first 5 seasons of Sex and the City over the past week and a bit, I decided to watch all the videos I bought on a whim and have only watched once or never at all. First on the list was High Art. Having discovered that the oh so hot Catherine from Neighbours (you know the one that went out with the crappy haired Malcolm?) was a lesbian in this film I promptly bought it on its release. I expected big things but it was a bit rotten. Watching it a second time didn't make it any better unfortunately and sent me off to sleep within 30 minutes, meaning I missed the only vaguely naughty bit. Of course that's what the rewind button is for but I just couldn't bear it.

I may watch Love and Other Catastrophes next, see if Radha can redeem herself as a gay part two. Actually I know I wont bother because I remember all to well that it's equally as disappointing. I waited ages to get this one, eventually picking it up second hand and being over annoyed at the shite acting and turdy plot.

Lesbo films really bother me sometimes. I can't think of one that I've watched and thought wow that was fully fabulous, those characters rock my world and are even hot. If these walls could talk 2 was good, well the first two chapters were but a naked floppy asrsed Ellon complete with turkey baster in the third kinda ruined it for me. Even a nude Sharon Stone couldn't help any. Incredibly true adventures is just too dated now though apparently the little butchey is in the L Word. I look forward to Lost and Delirious although while the visuals may be pleasing (Piper Perabo, yes please)I fear the plot will let me down again.

There is just a total lack of lesbos anywhere at the moment. At one point there was a lesbian storyline in almost every soap going (though nothing will ever rival Beth Jordache, my heroine) and now I think even the longest running lesbo in soap (Miss Zoe Tate) is now playing ball. Seriously doubt it. And so I really look forward to the L Word which promises lots of delectable lesbians in believable storylines (I hope anyway) as I felt a little let down with Queer as Folk US season two where the lesbos in order to be happy had to have a threesome. And then as if this wasn't annoying enough, we got to see none of it! Barely a slice of nipple and absolutely no bush shots and instead the scene probably cut to that little scroat Justin getting his prepubescent ass filled. I hate that boy.

And so I go make a lesbo movie of my own while hoping the porridge stays put in my otherwise empty gut for longer than 2 hours.

Today's LIkes

Endless Sex and the City
Call on me Eric Pridz (sp?)
Plentiful puppy hugs
Porridge made with soya milk, surprisingly delish

Today's Dislikes

People giving a 'big shout out' on the radio
Missing Lil Red
Video players on the brink
Unsatisfactory ends of films
Sunday night TV. Mucho depressingness