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Thursday, September 16

I got my Chinese/English copy of Lost and Delirious this morning. Packing Lil Red off to work I snuggled down to watch it, unplugging phones and shutting down the computer to eliminate any unwanted distractions. Since I read the book a couple of years ago and since I got obsessed with Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly (I even bought Rocky and Bullwinkle goddamit)and found out she was to be a lesbo in this film, I've just been waiting for the right moment to get it. Finding it on ebay really cheap made this lesbo pretty damn happy. I could barely contain myself. It wasn't pretty.

It started out so well and although Piper's hair was darker than I prefer of her, she was still damn fine. But sadly it went downhill faster than I could shout, 'hot lesbo'. The end was pretty awful and I'm left all disappointed that there was no happy ending. I love a happy ending as much as I love cheese but it just didn't happen. Damn you. If it weren't for the hot Paulie and the great first half hour I'd be putting this film back on ebay and getting my £9 right back. Hey ho.

Oh I also got my fabulous faux Ugg boots. Holy crap they are too cool. However, after having worn them on my short walk to the end of the road I soon discvered that the soles are made, not of rubber or leather or anything remotely hard wearing, but foam. Yes really. I stand on a nail, I stand on a bloody pebble dammit, and it's embedded into my fat foot. What's that all about? Who designs a pair of boots with a foam sole? Gone are any ideas of using these as foot protectors in the snow for Christ sakes. The only place these are fit to be worn is indoors on good quality carpet. They may look like furry wellies but I swear a blade of grass would bury its way through the flimsy sole. Granted they are very comfortable but where will comfort get me when I'm sliding down the street in as good as naked feet. I'd get more foot protection strapping pizza bases to my feet. At least that way I could have a tasty yet gritty snack afterwards. Grr.

Anyway, I now have Sky TV installed and once the three engineers left (does it really take that many Glaswegians to fit a satelite dish? Apparently so) I was free to roam more than 4 channels. I've seen the Call on Me video so many times that when I shut my eyes all I see is long bums in highcut leotards and it's really starting to freak me out.

And so I go watch something that isn't British. River City, NO!