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Sunday, September 19

I watched my first L Word on Friday night. I invited all my lesbo friends round (ok 1) and we all waited with a sweaty anticipation as the time ticked nearer and nearer. I expected major things, hot lesbos, slight nudity and a decent plot line and boy was I not diappointed with the results. Holy crap, just how many hot girls? And all so femme! Not a sniff of a man's haircut, except on the men. Although eye liner fiend Shane has a swagger that would put Liam Gallagher to shame. And a very odd haircut to boot but still very very hot. The room was filled with twit-twoos for the duration of the programme and by the end of it we were barely able to pick our dangling tongues off the wooden floor, leaving a slimy trail behind when we finally got it together. It was fully fabulous and Wednesday better come round faster than a fart because I absolutely need a Dana fix.

And so I go prepare myself for the premiere of Britney's new video in two hours time. It's all too much for a Britney obsessed lesbo.