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Wednesday, September 22

What the crap are these girls up to?

First Sarah Jessica Parker goes GAP (no, sadly not gay and proud) which is only good for the visuals she's added to an otherwise shite shop and for the fact that courtesy of Lil Red we now own one of these larger than life visuals. Very scary when you wake up in the night and forget you have an SJP clad in tweed staring down at you with a face the size of my upper body (yup, massive). So yeah, she sells out to the company famous for breaching every human right going and for having the most falsely cheery staff (ha, my girl excluded of course). And then I hear a rumour that Cynthia Nixon is advertising Oral B, a different kind of oral than she is used to as a sassy Miranda. At least she is no longer removing pubes from her braces. Next in line for classy walking advertisement is Kirstin Davis who is telling the Brish public that Tesco is the way forward. Eh hello? I mean if you really must sell out and advertise tomatoes, baby powder and toilet roll why no opt for the classier and more expensive Sainsburys? I mean if you really must... Can it get any worse that these 3 fabulous girls providing the marketing features for the home of chinos, a toothpaste company and a bloody supermarket? Oh yes it can. And anyone who has turned their TV on in the past three days will know exactly what I'm talking about. To complete the equation, to prove that when 4 fantastic actresses no longer have the security of a high profile TV show about well, sex and well, more sex, Kim Catrall is now the face of Tetley Tea. Yes, it really is true. I mean we all know she was partial to a spot of teabagging in her role as Samantha but this is surely taking the piss? What can the need to advertise Tetley Tea possibly be? Ok, it does make a damn fine cup of tea, especially the drawstring variety but Kim, come on, do you really have that strong an affinity with tea and Britain that you made an a shocking advert wearing a similarly shocking turquoise dress? What's next? Matalan, denture gum, Farmfoods and supermarket brand tea granules? I don't care how much you're getting for it, just think about it, please.

And so I go channel hop in the hope of catching more celebrities in the act of appalling advertisements... Britney and the milk moustache, now that was cute, right?

Today's Likes

Maybe the Moon - Armistead Maupin
Applying for jobs
Sultanas, so much better than raisins
4 hours till the L Word
Navy nails... pink and purple sparkles on top

Today's Dislikes

Rejection letters
Scummy spots
Apples being eaten in public. There is just no need
My fuzzy hair, where oh where art my new straightners?
Too small pyjamas