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Tuesday, September 14

I’ve been signed off work for another week and while this should be good for my lack of bank balance I have instead found myself fully addicted to bloody ebay using Lil Red’s card for purchases I probably don’t need.

This obsession has been lying dormant since Lil Red got gusumped on a pair of fabulous jeans in the Summer but now, with far too much time on my hands and a broken video player, it has flourished. So far I’ve sweated over winning and subsequently parted cash for fake fuscia pink Ugg boots, some lesbo book and Lost and Delirious on DVD the Chinese version. I’ve lost a hello kitty passport cover, 4 pairs of jeans and a couple of other things my slow computer would not allow me to own. I’m currently watching too many items to keep track of, like another hello kitty passport holder, a handful of lesbo books, foreign DVDs, phone covers, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, various pairs of converse and a random shopping bag. Christ it’s so addictive. Not having broadband does decrease my chances of winning against someone who at the same time is furiously bidding and it seems the only items I win are the ones no one else wants enough. It’s still stressful, not knowing if they are there, sitting at their computer, waiting for my bid so they can slip in a higher one before my vintage connection gets the time to respond. Mostly I wanted the boots and the DVD which I got up too early for this morning so I shouldn’t complain. I’m sure all the other stuff I’ve been bidding on and haven’t won hasn’t been as necessary in my rehabilition as fake pink Ugg boots are.

What else is a lesbo to do? I’m fed up with daytime TV, although no one could ever tire of Lorraine Kelly, but those Loose Women (straight, desperate, annoyingly loud middle-aged women) need to go. Especially that Nolans sister. And Chris Evans’ ex wife. Is that all she is famous for? That and having the lankest hair in history maybe.

My video player (yes I really still own one) has now chewed 2 Sex and the City Tapes and my favourite Buffy episode. Having watched all my extensive DVD collection within hours I really have bugger all else to do but purchase items I would not normally buy and think about when I’ll finally be able to leave the house. The life of a lesbo who has eaten bad fish (enough…) is so damn exciting.

And so I go ebay-ward in search of replacement Sex and the City tapes while nibbling the antibiotics I have finally been given. Yum.

Today’s Likes

Deep Dish – flashdance
Someone else painting my nails
2 days till Sky is installed… hello MTV goodbye The Bill
50 First Dates
Winning on ebay!

Today’s Dislikes

Shite radio commentary
Bloody McFly
My curly hair weighing me down
Drunken arseholes
Spending too much time on my own, just dull