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Monday, October 4

After filling in my 456th application form, once my sight was more than blurred, I was randomly checking a box under Ethnic Origin on one form when I cast my eyes onto the question below. What is your sexual orientation? Eh hello? Had I stumbled upon a porn site where I had to check a box to get in? No I was still filling in a form for the bloody council. The options I think were, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Straight, Transgender and Undisclosed. I imagine undisclosed was for the metreosexuals of A sexuals among us but this was unclear. They ask these questions to ensure 'equality' but tell me, why exactly is it relevant for prospective employers to know whether I'm into beaver, snakes, both or a bit of something inbetween? I'm only applying for administration jobs, not 'Lesbo Porn Mistress' or anything so what's the deal? I don't particularly want people that I may work with in the future knowing my sexuality before I even get an interview. Obviously they say that your answers will not prejudice them but in this shallow minded hole of a city, how can I be so sure? It's not like I'd ever find out that my application was discarded because I was lady lover is it? I could have ticked the 'straight' box but I wasn't going to just blatently lie about it. SO I did what I probably shouldn't have. I ticked the 'undisclosed' which is probably worse than out and out lying because then it's obvious anyway that I'm no hetty betty and makes me look ashamed of who I amAnd I'm not but like I say, I didn't want a bunch of stuffy people knowing who I like before they even meet me. I just felt totally uncomfortable with the question and wondered do other employers ask this?

Well off I go as it's pretty much bed time so let's just hope that this girl of undisclosed sexuality (shit, I hope they don't think I'm into anything kinky by that non disclosure) gets a bloody job based on her skills not her lack of straightness.

Oh and for Killy, see here for lesbo shoe humiliation incidents...