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Friday, October 29

Around the same time as I was getting red faced in a very long and frustrating queue to collect my train tickets for a train that left in 9 minutes, Lil Red was being subjected to an interogation over the theft of her CD player and CDs which were stolen from her room the previous day. Even if I was aggrevated to the point of near explosion due to the typically ill mannered Aberdonians and even if I did have to run for my train (oh the shame, I hope you never saw me dolloping toward the north bound train with my jumbo locks a flowing and the sweat a dripping off my period coloured face), I think Lil Red came off worst. She was passed from manager to manager until a very old woman way beyond retiring age tried to convince Lil Red that her stuff hadn't really been pinched but that she must have mislaid it somewhere because she really didn't know what could have happened to it. It's pretty obvious what happened pointed out a very disgruntled Lil Red, usually as meek as a meek thing can be, at which point old woman became irate and claimed there was basically no way anyone in the staff could have stolen it because they had all been there so long, blah shitein' blah. Oh man! The fact that it had been taken from a hidden pocket within her case was even more annoying, knowing that some creep had been going through her belongings. We figured it was probably a guy, or a female blessed with naturally straight hair because otherwise I'm sure they would have lifted the GHDs, which probably cost double what the CD player did. So very annoying.

And more annoying was the fact that having had a penthouse suite last week with King sized bed and megabus sized TV, this week she was housed in a pokey little room no bigger than our bathroom with two shabby single beds. Seriously doubt it. It took quite the man strength of us twa dykes to force the fossilised beds together to ensure quality night time hugs. I didn't think about falling down the gap until it happened however.

And so while Lil Red is working today I have another 3 and a half hours to kill in Inverness. You can get round the centre of town, including all the shops (christ I even went into the Photofactory to kill time) in about 20 minutes. I may even have to go to the museum or on the open top bus tour for something to do. At least with the wind and the rain in my hair (now freshly straightened thank you) I would be guaranteed to stay awake. Christ you could hang the entire H&M range off the drooping bags under my eyes. Man I'm so bonnie.

Today's Likes

Cranberry coloured nail varnish
Getting to see my girl :-)and having her to myself for 3 days, woo hoo
Tea with the Queen
A polyester clad Triple S... wow, hot ;-)
Work, surprisingly

Today's Dislikes

The size of the font on this special computer
Train toilets. Is there anything more vile? I need to perfect my hovering techniques while trying to hold my flares off the pish ridden floor for the return journey
Having only 7 minutes left on here...
My gammy funny bone which I whacked earlier and is still all pins and needles. There is no need