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Friday, October 1

Having a day off rocks. Having to work the weekend after a day off sucks. Having to spend your day off trying to pry your eyes open with plyers is kinda fun. Having to fill in multiple application forms on your day off is hopeful. Having no social life and nothing of interest to write about is sad. And so, in the absence of said social life I have opted to fill in the following list, stolen shamelessly from The BikiniLineShaver Now, it is pretty damn lengthy so please feel free to skim read it because no doubt my stunningly dull persona will bore you into an early sleep or at the very worse, grave.

First best friend: Defintely JC, my roller skating buddy from round the corner
First car: 63 lessons later and I'm no closer to getting my license nevermind owning a damn car
First real kiss: Ug, that vile boy with puss filled spots and massive glasses, not to mention wandering hands. I can still feel his exzema on my skin.
First break-up: Probably the chick from Cornwall who never bothered to tell me...
First screen name: misss_spears
First self purchased album: Pearl Jam - Ten
First funeral: A family friend, first and only thank god
First pets: My cross Scottie/Poodle, ace he was
First piercing/tattoo: multiple ear piercings, gold studs, oh please
First credit card: Mastercard, 7 years later still paying off the massive debt acrued by going to London too many times
First enemy: The Bitch, also my first crush, oh she was naaasty
First big trip: NYC baby
First music you remember hearing in your house: Shakin' Stevens, I was him.


Last cigarette: Ibiza, 5 weeks ago, hours before I chucked my guts up and realised I had eaten something rotten...
Last car ride: My dad took me to my parents house just now
Last kiss: mmmmm... my LilRed 2 hours ago, yum
Last good cry: Probably over something stupid, like a fat kid winning a prize...
Last library book checked out: Am banned from all libraries for the non return of various books
Last book bought: A Ghost in the Closet by Mabel Maney
Last movie seen: Panic Room. Rarr
Last beverage drank: Redbush Tea
Last food consumed: Porridge with vanilla soya milk
Last crush: My Lil Red and Dana from the L Word
Last phone call: My dad
Last time showered: 1 1/2 hours ago, clean, mmmm
Last shoes worn: The Lesbian Shoes of Death, thank god there is no rain
Last item bought: A wheat free tuna crepe
Last annoyance: My job
Last time wanting to die: Probably after I got grounded and wasn't allowed to go dancing to see my hot teacher... I'm talking years ago... and there were no tutus involved I promise

Who are your best friends? Lil Red, Queen of Fun, J Bo, The Beast, Gobby Bobby, Babs,
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Oh yes

Where is your favorite place to shop? I don't even remember the last time I shopped, probably bloody ebay
Any tattoos or piercings? 4 tattoos and various piercings

Do you do drugs? Nope
What kind of shampoo do you use? Anything that smells dellicious
What are you most scared of? Going mad
What are you listening to right now? Deep Dish - Flashdance
Where do you want to get married? Eh, somewhere that isn't Aberdeen, the Isle of Lesbos perhaps
How many buddies are online right now? Don't have any...
What would you change about yourself? I'd drop half my body weight and hope it doesn't land on anyone

Color: Pink, black
Food: Cheeeese
Boy's names: Jack
Girl's names: Eliza
Subjects in school: English, hot teacher you see
Animals: Dogs
Sports: hell no
Perfume: Eau de BO

Given anyone a bath? Yes yes
Smoked? Yup, started when I was 15 but gave up when I met someone who'd rather I didn't taste like a fag end
Bungee jumped? Not on your life
Made yourself throw up? Oh yes
Skinny dipped? No way, would scare off any living creatures
Been in love? Yes...
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? No, the crying thing happens as a matter of course with me, I don't need to force it
Pictured your crush naked? Don't need to picture it...
Actually seen your crush naked? yes
Cried when someone died? Yes
Lied? yes, badly
Fallen for your best friend? No way
Been rejected? God yeah
Rejected someone? A couple of times when it was absolutely necessary :-)
Used someone? No I don't think so
Done something you regret? Where do you want me to start?

Clothes: Cords, tee, lesbo shoes,
Music: My own persnal mix
Make-up: Glitter only, too fat handed to apply make up decently
Annoyance: The fact that I am so bloody knackered
Smell: dog breath, not sure if it's mine or my pup's
Favorite artist: Ask me something else
Desktop picture: britney
CD in PLayer: Pink
DVD in player: The Office, Lucy Davis, mmmm
Color of toenails: colourless but very long. Gadz

You touched: My mum
Hugged: my mum
You imed: I texted The Beast if that counts
You kissed: Girlfriend, and what a kiss it was

Understanding: I think so
Open-minded: Of course
Arrogant: I have nothing to be arrogant about
Insecure: Aha
Interesting: Depends on my mood, today - no way
Hungry: Always
Smart: In some respects although I was descibed as 'clever but fluffy'
Moody: Christ yes
Hardworking: Not as much I should be but when your heart is not in it...
Organized: Explain the meaning of this word please.
Healthy: In terms of what I eat, yes but otherwise my health sucks
Shy: I lack conversational skills if that's the same thing
Attractive: If you keep your eyes closed
Bored easily: No but my concentration is appalling
Responsible: Boringly so
Obsessed: Am very compulsive about many things
Angry: YES, only when I'm tired... which is pretty much constantly...
Sad: Nah :-)
Disappointed: Only with myself for being in a poopy job
Happy: Yes...
Hyper: Sometimes... my Lil Red makes me hyper
Trusting: Yes, sometimes too trusting
Talkative: Only with people I know and when I am seriously wasted
Legal: yes

Kill: No one really
Slap: The list is too long but at the top it would be Mr Burberry
Get high with: Britney baby
Look like: a slimmer version of me probably
Talk to offline: My girlfriend
Talk to online: Anyone who who can stand my excessive typos

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Flowers or candy: Flowers, they don't add 10 pounds
Tall or short: Either works for me

In the morning I am: Moody and always rushing
All I need are: my girl, a new york apartment and a fabulous job
Love is: fully fabulous
I dream about: Weird stuff involving my teeth being extracted
What do you notice first: Voice and hair
Last person you danced with: My girl, in the flat, like twatts
Worst question to ask: Are you gay?
Who makes you laugh the most: Lil Red and J Bo
Who makes you smile: Lil Red, my friends
who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: people I thought were my friends but clearly are not
Who has a crush on you: My Lil Red I presume...
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Yes! I have packed my pants before but haven't strapped down my boobs
Wish you were younger: of course, hmpf

Of guys I've kissed: Too many to even think about... New Year is an excuse to get tongued by the most vile specimens in quantity, when you are 17
Of girls I've kissed: About 20? I only remember the good or the really bad though

And that concludes todays tour of The Fee. I hope you have enjoyed your trip and I would welcome any feedback you may have. I also hope you are still with us and I haven't tipped you over the edge into total and utter boredom.

Today's Likes

Cheese oatcakes
Cobb Island by Blayne Copper - a bit flouncy but not bad
Seeing people I haven't seen in ages unexpectedly
Finding hideyholes in work so I can be a proper loner while eating my lunch
Waking up with my baby

Today's Dislikes

Not having 2 days off in a row
Washing my hair, such an effort
The return of the evil one on Monday
Heavy lifting, there is just no need
My eggy breath despite not having eaten eggs and having cleaned my teeth
Not enough Dana or Shane in the last L Word