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Tuesday, October 12

I went to Dundee yesterday, on the bloody megabus. Christ, I can totally see why they call it the armpit of Scotland, bugger that tho, try arsehole. What a dump. What a bunch of creeps it houses. And here i was thinking I lived in the crappest city in the universe but looks like I got off lightly. I've never seen so many Neds in my life and sadly I've seen a hell of a lot of the long, white trainer wearing wanks to last me someone else's lifetime. There was like this tiny corner with a decent enough shopping centre and a pretty church but that was its only visible redeeming qualities. It was like walking around Aberdeen market at lunchtime, too
many cheap shite shops, too many cheap shite people, art students aside. May I never slag Aberdeen and it's fake designer wearing inhabitants again. Yeah right.

At least it was a day spent not working which definitely gives it plus points, even if the megabus was as comfy as a squealchy unfreed poop. This week is going to be too long and because I'm looking forward to getting my ass on the social scene on Saturday night I know it will drag like a low ass in unsupportive pants.

And so I go gorge myself on fruit salad, yes really. Grated cheese on the top of course.