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Saturday, October 9

Lil Red could cope no more with her Lion King hairdo and finally relented. She bought a replacement pair of GHD strightners yesterday, despite the fact we can barely afford to eat never mind spend £100 pounds on hair straightening equipment. It's very exciting. I had totally forgotten what I even looked like with straight hair, having had massively mega hair for weeks now. No longer will I get up in the morning and not be able to find my phone which has gotten quite lost within the confines of my hair. Never again will children stop and stare and ask their mummies why 'that girl has a long blonde afro'. And thankfully I will once again be able to fit my treble width hair through doorways without having to go in sideways.

Not only did we get GHDs but we got the jumbo ones, for those with especially large hair and I can have it straight and sleek with a distinct burning odour in 15 minutes. It's all too much. I really should go out tonight to prove to the world that my hair can and will be flat (ish) but after my monster hangover on Thursday I really cannot face vodka and cigarettes. And where would I go anyway? Our solitary gay bar? What and watch wasted fucks dancing like they are trying to push out a poop? No thank you, I'd rather scratch my eyes out with rusted coat hangers.

Anyway, I watched Eternal Sunshine last night and yum delicious, Kate Winslet is hotter than toast.

And so I go get even more frustrated with my computer for not downloading anything I want it to.