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Thursday, October 7

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I went out after work last night for food and ended up damn drunk instead. Having not touched alcohol since I contracted that bug I cannot spell, I knew this was going to be a bad idea. One beer and I was wasted so there really was no need for the many, many vodkas that followed at a pound a pop. We haven't seen the lovely J Bo in weeks, possibly months so it was fully fabulous to be in her company once again as she regaled us with tales of turd and urine infections.

Also in attendance were The Queen of Fun and wow, the power of that girl's filthy looks could reduce a butch lesbo to a simpering mass of nothingness and The Beast who was reeling from the departure of his possible new boy and of course the wonderful Lil Red who's boobs just attract far too much attention... SO, what I'm trying to say is that being damn drunk means that I'm now highly hungover and because of that feeling of being a putrid poop, I needed to post pictures of my shoes. There is no other reason than that.

The Well Heavy Lesbo Shoe, as was brought to my drunken attention, is just wrong. A Heavy Lesbo Shoe should never be backless, it totally takes away its power and butchness but boy it is one heavy shoe. You can hear me clodding along for miles, people clear paths in advance for the entrance of the Heavy Lesbo Shoe wearer because to be able to lift up such a monstrous shoe, the wearer muct be pretty damn heavy herself. It takes more effort to lift my feet when in these bad boys than it does to lift my multiple guts around and that's saying something. I bet shotputters wear these shoes. And giants.

Anyway, I need more cheese because if it's half the fat I can eat double the amount, right?

Today's Likes

Boy Meets Boy, fabulous book by David Levithan
My 'office' space at home
SMSing house phones...
Days off with my girl
Wrists adorned with bandanas, one at a time tho

Today's Dislikes

Missing The L Word because of damn drunkeness
Cheese breath
Smoky hair, was I even smoking? Oh probably
Smelling like a mouldy toldy, shower time Fee