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Wednesday, October 20

Oh man. My Lil Red has had to go to Inverness for two and a half weeks. That means no hugs, no kisses and no fun until the weekend when I can see her. It feels weird to come home and to not have my girl here waiting for me with her cute lil smile on her face. I haven't been apart from her since I lost her to Australia almost two years ago for 6 very long weeks. Hmpf. Anyway, at least I can see her at weekends and as it is her birthday on Sunday we and a few friends have decided last minute to go to Glasgow where I may or may not get in a fight with a Glaswegian butch lesbian. I reckon Glaswegian Dykes are harder than the all gob Aberdonian Lesbo Crew so maybe we'll be staying out of harm's way and keepin our smart ass comments to ourselves when any mini men with rogue nipples ask us for a cigarette. Coming along for the ride are J Bo, The Beast, Queen of Fun and Newbie. Us creeps in the gay bar, and all the frivolity that we seem to create amongst ourselves, how could it not be fully fabulous? You could even go to bloody Dundee with J Bo and still find the fun. Seriously.

Anyway, I need some amusing so am pilfering an idea from C'lam's site where I ask you the wonderful reader to tell me what you want to see a picture of and I'll do my best to post it for you. Keep it clean, I refuse to take photos of jobbies on logs or the tremendous mess that neds and their dogs leave on Union Street. I don't know if it'll work but as I really have nothing better to do, I'm giving it a go and hoping that you lovely people will humour me :-)

Anyway, seeing as the most exciting thing I have done this week is walk through a stream of male piss as he shook off in a sneaky corner unbeknownst to me, I'll just go and read my book and not wash my hair.