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Sunday, October 17

Somehow we almost managed to get into a fight with a very tinky minky butch lesbian last night. I blame the smirnoff ice and her total attitude which revealed itself when we refused to give the tapered jeans wearing mini man a cigarette. She was like 2 foot high and had a face like a sun dried jobbie but boy she was a scary little fucker who needed more than a cigarette in order to chill the fuck out. Christ, it was totally the night for creepy lesbos in the gay bar last night. I swear it was like day release central in there and you couldn't turn around without some manky dyke in your face trying to convince you she wasn't chatting you up. Doubt it. And they storm around there like they own the place, elbowing and heel kicking anyone who dares get in their way. They are so bloody rude, I've seen more manners on a stray hound. And wow, did I miss the memo about a No Bra night? There were far too many bra-less wonders for my liking. You couldn't even side step on the dance floor with out treading on a gravity defying nipple. What's that all about? One chick had a crop top on and her mega discs were totally peeking out the bottom of it. It was fully rotten and enough to make you vomit all those feisty tapas you'd just stuffed yourself with.

Aside from low flying nipples and aggresive dykes too cheap to buy their own nicotine however it was indeed a fabulous night and I got a well over due dance with my girl. Of course today it is my turn to look like a sun crusted poop but hell for that much fun, for once I do not care. I can feel the two day hangover lingering like a customer 2 minutes after the shop shuts but I'll deal with that tomorrow. For now I must go and see what other shite junky food I can scrape together from our patheticly unfilled cupboards. Pickles on oatcakes it is. Hmpf.

Today's Likes

Yesterday's work night out
Getting up to drunken, silly mischief with my Lil Red
Gwen Stefani's new song
D.I.Y egg fried rice, salmonella here we come
Mean Girls out on DVD tomorrow, yay

Today's Dislikes

Being the loudest person last night who annoyingly yelled 'meatballs' at irregular intervals for no good reason
Not knowing how to tune in the new video player and hence missing The L Word
The abundance of poofs in stripey shirts, there's just no need for that many stripes
Gobby lesbos
People that just cannot take no for a bloody answer