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Wednesday, November 3

The Dictionary of Fee:
Cafufle: a flustered carry one
Hoiked: Pulled up, as in trousers
Breeks: Trousers

Probably for the first time ever I decided to run, yes run, up the stairs at work yesterday. I don't know what on earth could have been so urgent that I would put myself through physical exertion for. Surely I wasn't so keen to be getting back to work? Of course because this was such a momentous occasion for 'feet are for walking or standing on' Fee, I knew there would be messy consequences. I had barely leaped off the first step when I caught my man shoe on the stair and flew as far as a chubber can fly up stairs and landed with the most humiliating thud in a lesbo tangle. Oh man. Fully aching from the experience I noticed someone behind me that had seemingly witnessed the fall of the massively mighty Fee. As I tried to pick up my floppy body I was horrified to discover that in the cafufle my trousers had lowered themselves quite dramatically, the dirty devils, and a good 8 inches of ass crack were on full display. Where oh where were my pants I keep asking myself? I regained my composure as best as I could but there really was no regaining any dignity as I hoiked up my breeks in a cool a fashion as I could muster before continuing my journey upwards at a more reasonable pace. I will never look that person in the eye again and never will they be able to look at me without thinking, holy cow I saw too much of that chick's bare ass. Oh man. That is exactly why I was not designed for demonstrating any bursts of physical energy. It always ends in tears. Sadly it was not just my tears of pain but tears of disgust from the somebody who saw a lot more than they cared to. Oh the shame of being a dollopy lesbo with man feet.

Today's Likes

The jumbo, hard bruise on my thigh which is fully sore
Garth Nix - Shade's Children
Madonna Remixed and Revisited
Britney, My Perogative the Almighty mix
My hair, so soft, so straight

Today's Dislikes

Still 2 more nights without Lil Red, hmpf
Working late, throws my sleeping pattern into disarray...
The pulled muscles in my arm from where I was grabbing onto the banister during The Fall
Carwash, christina and missy, rubbish the first time round as well
Being a sweaty betty