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Saturday, November 20

I was glad to see I'm not the only one suffering the 'I'm too heavy' blues of late. I'm at this weird in between stage which is still just too damn chubby but with the added problem that my slim clothes cling like lycra and my fat clothes are hanging off me to the extent I look like I'm auditioning for one of Eminem's backing dancers. It's hideous whichever way you look at it. I don't know what I wore the last time I was in this weight stage. Probably my pyjamas cause they are the only thing fitting right now. I'm going to start a new trend. How cool am I?

I had to buy a pair of trousers for an interview last week and despite the fact they looked not unlike leggings I bought them anyway. Christ I could barely walk in them and I must have looked like I belonged in panto or in Evans. I just can't shake these bellies of mine. They are quite a hinderance. The gym is not an option for me. I don't do shorts, I don't do tracksuits and I most defintely don't do vests. I can just see me, huffing and puffing all sweaty moon faced in my polyester whiffy trousers and just looking generally like the mega bellied dyke that I am. I'd get ejected from the gym for looking to damn ugly in amongst all the preened and chiseled pretty people. Mind you it would take at least 6 able bodied people to move this solid mass of fat away from the vending machines.

I swear I eat all the right things, maybe in treble portions but I figured with the amount of guffing that my healthy diet induces I can afford to eat a bit more, if I'm going to lose half of it with a good dose of wind.

Anyway, my dietry problmes and bodily fuctions aside, I have the very wonderful gay bar to look forward to tonight. Oh wont that be a barrel of the same laughs at the same people. I could not go but then what would I have to moan about? I did hear a rumour that a 'gay friendly' club is opening up actually. Eh hello? 'Gay friendly' in Aberdeen? Are you mental? With all those stupid haired boy bint twats that are so intent on yelling the phrase 'oi faggot' at anyone with a decent dress sense? I don't think so. Christ if the gay people can't be friendly toward each other, there's no way the tiny minded drunken aberdonian assholes will be friendly toward the homo crew. Of course that's not indicitive of all Aberdonians, just those wasted wanks who try and glass as many people as they can on a Saturday night and think it's hilarious. This city rocks.

And so I go prepare for the vodka because I refuse to be victim to the monster spew again.

Today's Likes

Good news, to be imparted at a later date :-)
Partying with my buds
The Da Vinci Code
My girl not in Inverness
Seeing people I haven't seen in ages

Today's Dislikes

Dry lips, get a chpastick
Over straightened hair, stop it Fee.
The retail industry at this time of year, truly horrid
My zit filled face
The ice, we all know Miss Fee is no good under slippery conditions