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Friday, December 31

As it's Hogmany (New Year's Eve to non Scots) I feel it's time to get reflective and look back on 2004 in the only way I know how... and so I smell a list coming on, yes because I'm lazy and cannot be bothered with grammer, spelling and punctuation. Like I normally can I hear you cry when I do not paragraph my overlong rantings.

Anyway, I introduce Miss Fee's likes and dislikes of 2004. I dare you to stay awake for the duration of your read. Please find matchsticks under your armrest to aid you in keeping your eyes open.

My Lil Red, as fabulous as always

My new job that involves a comfy chair and no customers, Fee heaven

Tru Calling, Miss Dushku, I salute you and your utter hotness

The L Word, Dana you rock my socks, Jenny, you do not

Broken Social Scene

The first 5 days of my Ibiza trip

The Queen of Fun's new girl, Triple S

The lesbo storyline in Neighbours, for a minute

Seeing my girl Britney

The lesbo wrestling that occured in our living room and that has left The Gobby One scarred for life, sorry

Finding Neverland, Kate Winslet, yum delicious

Meeting the wonderful Amber Benson and looking like a giant incomparison to her teenyness

Almost physically toppling over Roisin from Scotland's classiest soap, River City as she charged through my shop a bit too characteristically

Partying in Glasgow

The Looking Glass Wars - Frank Beddor
Our trip to Manchester to see Pink and Sugarbabes

Hanging out with my favourite buddies all year long, Queen of Fun, of course Triple S, J Bo, The Beast and Babsy

Our hot Sex and the City poster that hangs proud in our new home

Getting a bit too carried away with an electric drill sometime over the Summer

My 2 year anniversary with Lil Red

Faux Fuscia pink Ugg boots especially when worn with small skirts which clearly mine are not

Lyndsey Lohan

Britney, In the Zone, yeah baby

Being a mega podgy bastard

The return of the mullet, or was that last year's thing that just wont die?

Tru Calling being cancelled, seriously doubt it

Contracting camphylobacter from a piece fo skanky fish and being better acquainted with the toilet than my own girlfriend, nice

Working with at least two of the worst people I have ever met

The loss of my beloved laptop

Having to move out of our luxury flat

Falling on my ass in front of The Ginger Crystal Lady :-)

Hitting the big 2 5

Not getting a job in Edinburgh that I really wanted

Discovering Rhona Bloody Cameron really is the moodiest bitch ever

Mopping up plentiful dog turd in my 2 week dog sitting holiday :-)

Barefeet in the workplace, there really is no need but there was so much of it going on this summer

The end of all good things, Buffy, Sex and the City, Friends, even Dawson's

Losing my Lil Red to bloody Inverness for a month

The death of the straightners...

The bloody poncho, the shrug, the half cardy things... just forget them all, please

Retail at Christmas, I just cannot let it go

Apart from being fully depressed with a shite job, I think this year has been pretty fabulous, even if it was most definitely the year of the hangover for Miss Fee. Bring on 2005, now that the shite working aspect has been removed from my life, this year can only be more fabulous.

And so I go do acual housework in preparation for my mega party tonight. Ok, party for 5 but it's quality not quantity right? We're all undecided and unagreed about what to do post drinks at ours, of course Lil Red and I wanna go to the gay bar but then there's also the street party to think about. Well we all know what thought did.

I hope you all have an excellent time tonight, and think about me watching Deacon Blue in minus degree temperatures. Rock on.