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Sunday, December 12

I actually went drinking for ten hours on Friday. Considering I have the ability to withstand a meagre 4 vodkas usually before regurgitating the buggers, I think I did very well. I even managed to pace myself, not a term I am generally familiar with. It was my leaving night from work and I was pretty high so I assumed that with the fabulously good mood of mine i'd be fuckered in hours, minutes actually but thanks to a very large tea and the odd coke shoved in now and again, it was well ages before I even got that tingly vaguely drunk feeling.

It wasn't quite an 'invitation only' event but I only invited the people that I've said more than 'hi how are you' twice to because I'm not really a more the merrier kinda girl. I like quality, not quantity. Anti social? Me? It has been mentioned. But of course, there were like 3 random cling ons who were like turd to bum hair and far more annoying and badly tattooed than anyone I'd ever come across. If you really must invite yourself to someone else's night out please ensure you actually introduce yourself to the 'host' and please do not proceed to be the loudest person in the group and steal my attention. Seriously doubt it big faced girl.

I had a fully fabulous evening and even made it to the gay bar with my Lil Red where we got trodden on by far too tall trannies and clumpy shoed lesbos. Just your average night in the gay bar then.

And so I go watch that slightly awkward and quite passionless Neighbours lesbo kiss for the 840th time this week. I truly am a sad lesbo.