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Monday, December 20

It's bad enough being in the gay bar on a Friday night, nevermind being on the floor of the gay bar on a Friday night. I don't know what happened exactly but I know it involved way too much vodka, an over excited Luscious L and a now very squashed Little L.

We were so wasted (thank you quadruple distilled vodka) that we went back to a party that we get invited to every single week we go out and had yet to actually go, being that we don't do drugs and I, at the best of times, am anti social. However, with the promise of plenty illict drugs and super strength alcohol we finally gave in and partied our asses off till stupid o'clock. Actually the reality is this, we were lured back by the mention of sweet tea and a good dance (having disgraced my unstable self on the gay bar dance floor I really had no option). Hardly getting rebellious in my grand old age.

Needless to say that on Saturday, Lil Red and I felt like over cooked jobbies and remained in bed til we'd languished in our bodily juices for long enough and once we'd watched the entire season 7 of Buffy. The hangover was one of my most extreme but surprisingly there were no vomits or tudes and we packed ourselves off to bed about two hours after getting out of it. Plentiful cuddles ensued.

I can't even begin to talk about the mega agroness of Christmas shopping hell yesterday. Let's just say that my festive cheer did not come home in tact nor did my liking of the human race although I did find I have a new found respect for shop assistants, now that I am no longer having to be wonderful and kind to twat-faced assholes. Clearly still an unresolved issue or twenty.

Anyway, my new job is going fabulously and my new hair cut is now a furry mop and not one to be repeated unless I train as a hairdersser so can get it to sit in as cool a fashion as it was originally intended and so I go to get mistaken for a human cloud once again.

Today's Likes

My girl and I getting a car in two weeks, Asda here we come...
My fabulous nails
My lack of appetite, how long can it last?
Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy
Finishing work at 4.30 pm

Today's Dislikes

Having £4.86 in my account and too much shopping still to do
Not getting to see my girl on X Mas day
Having no plans for new year
Hard house music, there is just no need
Poofs with attitude