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Monday, December 27

Wow, how offensive and/or ridiculous is my low flying crotch today? Very apparently. I swear my crotch has never had so much attention. I have the skankiest pair of baggies that I cut around in and while I knew they were pretty damn big, I didn't realise until I noticed at least 40 pairs of eyes checking out my fanjita that maybe my fanny needs an uplift. No one was capable of looking me in the eye today, all attention was on my chuff which fair to say really was hanging somewhere between my knees and my calves. Is it really time to ditch the comfiest pair of trousers ever? Maybe I should just stick to wearing them about the house? Or should I wear my droopy-fanny trousers with pride and lap up the unusual attention that area is receieving? Answers on a postcard please to:
Miss Floppy Fud Fee

Having braved the hoards of baragin hunters this morning I made it to HMV in order to buy my new workout video. This is no second rate soap star does star jumps video however, nor is it bloody ugly Geri does Yoga but it is in fact the Ministry of Sound, Pump it Up video featuring hot girls galore. Tne lure of highcut leotards was just too much for this little lesbo. It's all done by the chicks from the Call on Me video so I'm well looking forward to doning my wedgie enducing pants and velour headband to aid me in my fanny lunges and seductive faux bicycle riding. I do hope no one ever witnesses this. And I do hope I look as good in leg warmers and fanny floss as they do.