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Friday, January 14

I wish that I had a switch on the back of my head, concealed under my nest of 8-tone hair, that I could flick on and off whenever I wanted to actually sleep. I go through these well annoying sleeping phases where I just can't from the hours between about 5.30 and 7.30am. No big deal for most people, you would just wake up at 5.30am and accept that more sleep is just not possible but for Miss 14 Hours of Sleep Required a Night 2005 it truly does suck harder than a lesbo trying cunnilingus for the first time. Of course when I say 14 I mean at least 9. I cannot function like a normal human being on less than 9 hours sleep. Actually I cannot function like a normal human being with more than 9 but at least with a full quota of Fee sleep I don't look like a toad who has had a heavy night on the cider. I probably spend most of my 9 hours sleep stressing about not sleeping and trying to tell my over active imagination to stop chatting. I mean is it really necessary to think about that time when I was five I stood on a white jobbie or about how I should spread my oatcakes prior to going to work. I think not. I try all the sleeping tricks, lavender everywhere, kalms, no caffeine, lettuce, herbal tea, blah blah blah but for a couple of weeks at a time no matter how hard I try (I think that's the problem) once I get up for psychological pee numero 2 I cannot sleep. Poor Lil Red is about demented with my large body flailing around and the over exagertated huffing and puffing that she is privy to at silly o clock in the morning. Grrr said the usually so placid Lil Red.

And so I go trip over my mega bags which are as sightly as a decayed turd.

Today's Likes

Lil Red's (and mine!) new car, the lesbos are mobile at last
The red and black party we went to last Saturday
Walnuts, totally underappreciated
Lesbo buddies
London Baby

Today's Dislikes

The Gay Bar on Saturday night, yawn
My sheer sleepiness
Soft oatcakes, tastes like bad porridge
My baggy glasses, time for a new pair
Shaky hands