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Tuesday, January 18

The transition from Book Shop Geek to Office Nerd has been as smooth as a freshly waxed butt cheek. Seriously, this whole getting to sit on my ass for a good proportion of the day is just fabulous. I type, I sit, therefore i am good. I can even wheel myself to the photocopier to avoid getting up altogether. Was there ever a job more ideal for the Fee? While I was concerned that my ass may blend into the chair one day, I have found I am less hungry from a total lack of movement and therefore am not doubling in size as originally feared. Hurrah! Also, no wretched customers. And furthermore, no vile, heavy handed, petty management team. Oh and there is also the added bonus of being able to see outside, instead of being stuck in the back of a shop (probably because my customer service skills were so heinus) and not seeing daylight for hours at a time. It doesn't matter that my view is of the less than pleasing to the eye Castlegate area where I'm regularly treated to a spectacle of drunkards and druggies going head to head over who gets the best bench. It's really rather exciting. About as exciting a trip to the Smear clinic. Like I'd even know. So so Scandalous.

Anyway, as it's lunchtime I really do need to get off my sweaty behind and get some air so I'm ready to face the afternoon, all three hours of it. Ah life as an Office Nerd is so so good.

Today's Likes

Snapping out of crap sleeping phase. I have eyes again.
Drew Barrymore, twit twoo.
Neon plasters, all the rage in Fee world
My Lil Red driving, hot hot hot
New O.C coming very soon despite a lack of proper hotties

Today's Dislikes

My broken phone, clumsy does it again
Desperate Housewives being on too late for The Fee, don't even dare tell me how good it is...
The 400 builders that have taken up residence across from our flat
My lost Britney CD... if you stole it at new year, now is the time to admit it...
The way oatcakes stick to your teeth for hours