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Tuesday, February 22

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday to Me.

Yes it’s true, I really have been writing about the biggest amount of shite for 3 glorious years. How it is possible to write about getting wasted, turds (human and animal), global bums, crap mullet hairdos and fake Luis Vuitton for that length of time is beyond me, yet here I sit all that time on and I'm still bashing out nonsense as often as I can, internet connection depending.

It’s been a fabulous three years and I have met some fabulous people through the power of blog and I hope that I will continue to blog for at least as long as I have blogged for already.

Anyway, despite the fact it has snowed a ton over the past few days we haven’t gotten sledging yet. Our plan was to hit Cruden Bay beach with our red plastic sledge but sadly the covering was just too light and would have led to a two fully friction burned lesbo asses. So geting decked out in over sized waterproofs and green heeled welly boots was all for nothing really, except for pure comedy value. Nothing funnier than a skid mark on a green heeled welly. Trust me.

I did find the biggest pair of lesbo boots ever, nestled in the back of my wardrobe where Lil Red had hidden them good, so it should now be impossible for clumsy McFee to have repeat performances of last years numerous falling over incidents. They make me look 10 foot tall and rather gay but in the name of lesbo satefy, they must be worn. Just don't acknowledge me in the street, Lil Red doesn't.

And so I go to try and defuzz my hair, the constant hail showers are doing nothing to tame my white girl afro.

Today's LIkes

Lesbo storyline coming up in the OC
Jem - shite name, good tunes
Clocking up false steps on my pedometer
Three years worth of Fee blog... woo hoo, I managed to stick to something
One week two days til London

Today's Dislikes

Too much blog, not enough food
Snoop Doggy Dogg... yawnsville
Not having seen J Bo all year goddamn! Roll on Saturday
How blotchy my big moon face gets for no reason
Untidy nailvarnised nails, am the world's worst despite all the practice