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Tuesday, February 15

It was more refreshing than a freshly Fabreezed fanny that I was not the drunkest person in the world for a change on Friday night. That title went to Lil Red who was at her drunkest, ever. She doesn't remember anything post vodka numero 12 but I smugly remember her lolling around on the pavement in the torrential rain not unlike a seal on the shore. I don't however remember the gay bar on account of being in and out of there quicker than a lesbo can shout 'far too many butch dykes in here'. We left hastily on account of the perms we had recently acquired, thanks to being caught in heavy rain (of course rolling around in puddles doesn't help Miss Red). After being physically escorted home by our rather bemused lesbo chums Lil Red experienced her first drunken vomit, before craching in a heap on the floor, taking many wall fixtures with her. It's really not unusual for me to be sprawled on the floor with my head sniffing the toilet bowl but this was a whole new experience for my girl who usually has at least a thread of self control. Needless to say it's not something she wishes to repeat. Nor do my knuckles hope for a repeat performance, having been mashed into the pavement as I attempted to untangle Lil Red's limbs from the ground and mud. I am now the proud owner of two very podgy fingers, which have been rubbed raw and hurt more than I'd like.

My poor girl is in the middle of her four day hangover now but I'm sure our Valentine's day hugs more than made up for that :-)

We decided, after 2003's hetero trauma, to stay in this Valentine's Day, opting for take away and girl love instead. I'm sure we did the right thing...

And so I go crank up the I-pod with my cool tunes a plenty and kick back with a beer (or rather, curl up on my uncomfortable chair and listen to Order of the Pheonix over asparagus soup and oatcakes.) I'm too cool for school. Really.

Today's Likes

Grilled aubergine
My nails, so pretty
13 Senses
Having finally gotten a hold of The Cement Garden on DVD
Looking after my fabulous pups

Today's Dislikes

Last night's curry which is threatening to make a come back
Steve Ex-Factor, yawnsville
Joey, as funny as stepping in dog turd on a hangover day
Miso soup, vomit
My fatty knuckles