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Monday, February 7

My heart is still palpatating after ingesting copious amounts of red bull three days ago. Surely that can't be right?

On Friday night, with the help of ex work collegues I had a fully fabulous night and probably enough alcholol to consider myself a proper binge drinker. Lil Red and I also had the pleasure of shakin' our lesbo booties in the gay bar where to our relief we knew not one single soul with whom to exchange the usual yawn-inducing plesantries. You know how it is, same bar, same people, every single weekend. Can get a little tedious. Anyway, there was none of that on Friday night and feeling like the new dykes on the block, we rocked up the dance floor to the likes of Britney and Scissor Sisters before the DJ decided that post 1am was early nineties shite hour. With our dancing cut short we left abruptly, drunk and happy and not feeling the slightest bit like vomiting on my shoes.

Anyway, after our ace night, we had the whole weekend together to look forward to, hangovers be damned. So the rest of the weekend was spent having a Lesbo sleepover with TV porn and homemade beds. And checking out the local dogging spots. What else is there to do on a Sunday? Say no more.

Anyway, am away to gorge on pumpkin seeds and powdered soup. Life is so all good...

Today's Likes

Fightstar, yes really.
Kill Bill, two years late.
Our Lesbo Chums
El Jos, tapas bar, anywhere that allows you to drink massive bottles of blue alcopops has my vote
Nettle tea, got quite a sting to it

Today's Dislikes

Having no food in the house except carrots and frozen mash
Charging too much for a dry cous cous dish in a restaurant
The smell of cooking bacon
Point Pleasant, really not feeling the love
My teenage acne