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Friday, March 25

Dyke on a bike.

Well it looks as if my camera phone is working just fine. We traded our car in for a rather yellow bike last Friday night. How lesbian like. [If you recognise that bike as being yours, sorry, I promise we didn't touch it. Much.]

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing. Yes, another (yes, that will be three in a row) night at the Gay Bar for Fee McFee and her hot Lil Red. But let's not forget about the pre gay bar party that is generally far more fun than the actual gay bar irself. This will be our third week of J Bo partying and that must mean dancing like turds to Pat Benetar, Scooter and Dirty Dancing ("The lift, the lift!!") and of course yelling the same nonsense phrases over and over for no good reason. And having the neighbours banging on the ceiling which of course we wont be able to hear through the sheer volume of music and voices (J Bo makes more noise than 16 very drunken men). It's all very exciting.

The fact that I have been for an exhilirating (ok, sweaty) walk this morning with Triple S, in this fabulous sunshine means I'm all too ready for Polish vodka and imitation red bull. Let's hope my face, which looks like it's menstruating, calms down before then however.

And so I go to top up my tan. Yeah right, how long have I got? And must I take my woolly jumper off?

Today's Likes

Juliette - Avalon.
Homemade hummous. Yes really.
Walking, despite the beacon face.
My new blonder hair, thank you Luscious L.
My girl's hot new hair.

Today's Disikes

Wanting a charity wrist band and not getting one.
Naked bad feet.
Self inflicted wedgies, and that's without a thong.
Chewing gum in armrests. Queen of Fun, please stop it.
Days off without Lil Red.