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Monday, March 21

Well spring has officially come to Aberdeen. We had our first glimpse of sunshine the other day and of course with this sniff of sunlight we are also see an unwelcome return of the cork wedge sandal. Real name espadrille? Who cares, they're a very ugly shoe. So far I have seen about 40 pairs of these bad boys and just when I thought it was safe to look downwards and all. I've never seen such a vile item of footwear than this; a shoe with enough cork to plug well in excess of a million wine bottles, twice over. And that's per shoe. As if the plain wedge heel isn't bad enough without adding cork into the equation. Ladies, just think about it.

At least with this arrival of spring and slight warmth we should be saying adios to the [faux] fur gillette. Bodywarmer with hair? There is just no need. And they are everywhere. More common than nits in a primary school. And far more itchy. Not nice.

Another item of stupid 'fashion' that has been sticking in my eye of late is the the 'shrug'. The shrug is a half cardigan/half nothing thing that kinda wraps around your back and nowhere else. It seems to be the 'new poncho'. Except it's even sillier. And generally more crocheted. Something not even your granny would wear. I just don't get it. It's ugly. Stop it. Stop it now.

And so I go squeeze my monster butt into a pair of tapered jeans to show off my tightly pulled converse. Or perhaps I'll just keep my hot baseball boots safely under the confines of my flares. Please don't let the tapered look come back. No matter how cool your shoes are, it will never be a good look for anyone with legs thicker than paperclips.