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Friday, May 6

I have a mega monster hangover today. I do not feel good. I do not smell good either. After a fabulous drunken night out with my work friends (including The Oldest Lesbo I Know)I am forced to sit, at work, and look more vile and feel more grotesque than usual. It's truly awful. How did it slip my mind that I do indeed suffer from unusually severe hangovers? I'm sure I was conscious of that fact until vodak/red bull numero 17 (of course, an exaggeration). Even a sniff of alcohol ensures I'll be rougher than an acned arse the following day so I don't know why I insisted on staying out well past my bedtime and drinking well more than necessary. Hardly a surprise really. I do deserve to look this vomitice.

Have gorged on massive food, hoping that my already choice breath will become even more unbareable for those around me. And with me, they too will suffer. I really am all heart.

Oh want to say thank you to c'lam for pointing out my one line of fame in The Independent newspaper the other day! How special I feel.

And so I go to do absolutely nothing.

Today's Likes

Countless re runs of Ab Fab
Going to see Mylo next week
Drunken nights
Model beahviour - Jay McInernay
Drew Barrymore

Today's Dislikes

Being too immobile this morning to even run a finger thru my twiggy hair
Looking like a total bute
Being too lazy to go to the bathroom, be free pee...
My face being so crusty it feels like I have a beard
My hot breath, you gotta love me