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Friday, May 27

Two fully fabulous things happened today - pay day and broadband.

It's amazing how much shopping a girl can get done in one hour. Did more shopping in 60 minutes than I did in the entire time I was in Glasgow owing to the fact I'd spent all my money on vodka and cheese by the time we hit the shops in Glasgow. The soundtrack to this post is Kelly Osbourne's new album but I also purchased Cut Copy's most recent one (the dudes who fabulously supported Mylo a couple of weeks back). Since the download fever hit The Fee harder than a rubber penis I haven't bought a CD and it's actually kinda nice to listen to an album in its entirity rather than a random shuffle of all the shite I have on my pod (NB it may be shite, but it's MY shite...). Only so many times I can hear Haddaway and She's a Maniac.

We also finally got round to getting what is probably a dodgy copy of the L Word (as long as the quality doesn't impair my viewing of the sex scenes then we have no problem here). It so better be here by the time Series 2 comes around in a couple of weeks. I imagine I'll need to have an L Word marathon in order to get it watched before then. Not exactly a displeasure.

Bring on the ladies, there has been a distinct lack of hot lesbos on TV of late. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong channels. I did watch Fingersmith and was disappointed initially by the girls until Maud became this hot little minx I'd want to do bad things to in the final epsiode. So much so that I spent way too much on the DVD which is most definitely worn out in about three places.

Anyway, so I go to get my hormones in check before the payday pizza arrives with more fat than is currently weighing down my massive gut. And also to do something about the 'shopping sweats' that I'm still suffering.

Today's Likes

Daughters of Jerusalem - slow but am promised all good things
Still lovin' the charity bands I'm afraid, especiialy PDSA, complete with pawprints
Going for my bi-annual hair cut tomorrow
Pesto, despite it being wind inducing
Finally having an internet connection in my home again... woooooo hooooo

Today's Dislikes

Trying clothes on, wow what sweat
Pus filled spots that look like moon craters once squeezed
My new trousers, skinners
The temperature reaching stupid heights in my office

PS Rebecca Loos, where oh where is your upper lip? Secreted away under your jumbo man nose? Quite possibly.