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Thursday, August 11

Gay dancing in Glasgow completely rocked my pink, stripey and very sweaty socks. Am still high (and possibly vaguely hungover still) from the beltin' time we had on Saturday night.

After a very garlicky trip to Wagamama, I farted sweated danced my way through 3 hours of fully fabulous music. SO good, in fact, was the music that I dared not leave the floor for fear of what I would miss were I to go to the bar or the toilet. Thankfully you can send others to order drinks, unfortunately the same does not apply to the human bladder.

Go to the gay bar in Aberdeen and you'll get a decent tune shoved in amongst the Gaylord seventies shite every twenty minutes but the Polo was literally dripping with quality tunes (well my idea of quality tunes). Of course the excellent tunes brought on the not so excellent dance moves that I usually reserve for private viewing only. Not because my moves are in any way raunchy but pretty much because they are so appalling and laughter inducing. Of course it wasn't my fault. I blame the multiple apple sourz shots that I had constantly attached to my lips.

Anyway, we avoided the Mega Butch that refused us entry last time (for our collective amount of hair remember) and snuck in with only a 'Have you been here before' comment from another bouncer. Just making sure we'd know how to behave in a gay bar I suspect. Mind you, no amount of hair was gonna have me mistaken for a hetero, not with my butch shirt and mannerisms. Hell no. I'd have made kd lang look femme. The Polo Lounge patrons seemed to agree too...

Anyway, have got my tunes, which are reminiscent of Saturday night, blastin' my neighbours out of their mid-evening sleeps so I must go recreate some of my better dance moves. If I can find them that is.

Today's Likes

Ernesto Vs Bastian - Dark side of the moon - nope, not a dodgy Pink Floyd cover but a dodgy euro dance tune which is making my booty shake at the minute
Vinland Sheep - Hurry up with the gayness already
My new (fabulous) black bag complete with pink skull, so very cool
Internet access at work again, hurrah
LOST, Kate is hotter than toast

Today's Dislikes

My baggy belly, even with my 15,000+ steps a day it still won't shift. Sit ups? Oh no I don't think so
Sugar Rush no more! And still haven't seen the last episode
Not having seen L Word in two weeks... am serisouly having withdrawals
Delmonicas in Glasgow, full of sweaty man breasticles
Craig from Big Brother, truly horrid

Saturday night's rockin' tunes... (Do you think we had a good time or something?)


Tunes that allowed me to empty my bladder and reapply deodarant


That really was it for bad tunes, hence the sweat and urine leakage. Thank God for Tena Lady. Adios.