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Friday, August 5

"Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light." Wow, deep.

Is it wrong to be in the type of club that plays the Baywatch theme tune? Is it a little sad to even know the Baywatch theme tune? I'm guessing then it's completely out of order to not only dance to the Baywatch theme tune but also to lip sync and air grab to the Baywatch theme tune? What then can be said about Lil Red who, as the tune struck up, stripped to her well worn red swimmer as she clutched her bag to her chest as if it were a life-saving can? Nothing that can be repeated? Yeah, that's what I thought. "I'll be ready..." Stop it now. No good can come of it.

I can't imagine where we were that we found ourselves a little too over-eager re: the Baywatch theme but I'm thinking it was Hetreo Hell aka Espionage. Where else do you get straight men in tapered jeans, over-sized, out-of-shape sports Tshirts and tightly pulled white Nike trainers? Oh every bar in Aberdeen really. And I have the ordacity to moan about the Gay Bar? Never again dear readers, never again. Well, until next weekend no doubt. At least we don't have to dance to YMCA and I am what I am in straight bars. I just can't cope with that gay nonsense any longer.

Anyway, we're off to Gay Glasgow this weekend and I have already got my bomber jacket and chunky man boots ready to ensure we get into the Polo Lounge without question this time around. Appointment to get my girlie hair cut off tomorrow too. Or perhaps not. I'd look as good as Jenny L Word with short hair.

And so I go light my own farts before Lil Red does it for me.

Today's Likes

kt tunstall's new song, gay as the day
Ricky Gervais' Extras
My fabulously, stop-traffic, pink nails

Today's Dislikes

Filing nails noise
Trains, always a drama
The burn on my finger which now looks like a wart, not hot
Grace as in Will and... always an issue
Oasis, please, enough already