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Tuesday, September 27

Oh my god. This lesbo is so excited that she has filled two pantyliners in the space of 15 minutes. Thank heavens for scented Tena Lady. Anyway, the reason for this over-the-top excitement is that I have just gotten my gay hands on Sarah Waters' new book, The Night Watch, courtesy of one very thoughtful Straight Man A. It's been 3 years since Straight Man A and I went to the launch of Fingersmith at a very gay bar in London (Freedom - overpriced and vaguely pretentious) and I have been looking forward to her new one since I finished the wonderful Fingersmith. I'm sure it was the reason I was slightly sad to leave the book shop - no more free proofs months before actual publication.

Anyway, I'm wasting time writing about my fabulous new possession when I should be reading it, savouring every word and trying not to get my dinner all over it. No tomatoes (thank you Queen of Fun) are to be consumed even within the same room as my book. And hands will be washed thoroughly in anti-bacterial soap after every wipe to ensure no soiling of this wee treat.

And so I go cosy up on the sofa where I plan to spend the next 4 hours, ditching any activity that cannot be done whilst reading. Am even considering bypassing food because I'm that excited. No, that's just taking it too far.

Boy I am one big lesbo book geek. And I love it.