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Tuesday, October 18

I just got a little over excited about the 20th Neighbours Anniversary Episode. I'm talking about the kind of excitement that I usually reserve for Britney Spears; that's a great deal of excitement, believe me. Anyway, I've been watching it since it began and had high hopes for the return of all my favourite (hot) cast members. I settled down to watch it; clean pair of pants on hand. I'd hoped to have Flick (Holly Valance of course), Nina Tucker (Delta Goodrem), Sky Mangle, Lucy Robinson and Daphne all in one shot so I could use that image at a later date for something a bit more X Rated than the Neighbours teatime show. It didn't happen however, and I had to settle for only a brief few seconds of Holly and Delta (Oh Holly you are so much hotter as a blonde). There was, however, a quite unrecognisable (and rather unremarkable) Lucy Robinson to feast my disappointed eyes on. My boat was so not floating in the way it used to everytime Lucy got drunk or high on screen in my teenage years. And of course I wasn't going to see Daphne: she died. Real tears sweetie, real tears.

There were a few surprise hotties (Hannah Martin, twit-ta-woo) and overall I was left with a happy feeling inside, even if I did long for Angry Anderson to play the closing credits after a certain Colin Murray destroyed it on Radio 1 this afternoon. Nevermind, I'll be heading to Melbourne in less than a year so I better get my cast party ticket booked pronto because I really can't wait to party it up with Toadfish and Lynn Scully and Dr Carl Kennedy. Neighbours rocks my socks.

And so I go to prepare myself for an early night so I can be up early enough to watch vintage neighbours on Sky. It's sad that I don't get out more.

Oh and this may be appalling but on watching a vintage Neighbours episode just this morning, I found myself strangely attracted to Susan Kennedy in a man's suit, complete with plastic gun. That's wrong isn't it?