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Saturday, October 22

Lil Red, J Bo and I r on our merry way to Glasgow. We r completely surrounded by total man beasts who r typically drinking Tenants, burping and generally being fully foul. I'm not even going to talk about the faded jeans and'mum' tattoos... Anyway, we're off to assemble with the rest of our gay crew in celebration of Lil Red's birthday. We're hoping there will b plenty of drinking and a whole heap of gay dancing; hopefully we won't have to profess our lesboness to the point of stimulating sex in front of Butchey Door[wo]man this time around. Also praying i don't catch my flare on a used tampax again. That was enjoyable. Anyway, apologies for lack of paragraphs (so what's new?) and abbreviated text language but mobile blogging to me is brand spanking new. I'm off to vomit into my over priced coffee while trying to translate what the vile Aberdonians r saying ('i'm gan to hae a pish min' translates as 'i'm going to relieve my bladder which i have over filled with cheap Scottish beer'). Wow my vocabulary has increased threefold already and we're not even past the first station. Woo hoo.