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Tuesday, February 14

I've finally gotten the cast off! It was a very long and awkward six weeks; mostly for the people around me. I looked forward to the vibrating saw like any good lesbo and rejoiced in the fact that I would no longer have to clober undaintily around on crutches. Admittedly I felt vaguely gutted that I would never again have to don my special shoe which, for the record was only worn behind closed doors and for comedy value at a drunken party (pictures to follow of me in my especially thick, rubber soled man sandal no doubt).

However, after my stooker was so brilliantly sawn off ("again, again!") and I was wheeled unnecessarily around to X Ray and back in that huge chair, I was told that things were not looking great; I was to remain on the bloody crutches for two further weeks! I hadn't quite expected to be able to get on the dance mat straight away, or head to the gay bar to show off my special moves after such a long absence but I didn't expect to be walking like I have a very heavy table strapped to my foot and for my ankle and foot to still be bruised to buggery. Nor did I expect to look down and not recognise my ankle which is really the size of my thigh and fits in velcroed shoes only. It's all rather unsightly, disappointing and bloody sore but hey... what's another couple of weeks of continuing to get out of chores and getting lifts to work :-) Oh and at least I don't need to say goodbye to my new, upper arm man muscles just yet.