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Thursday, February 23

One week today and I'll be dragging my now singular crutch around Heathrow airport, eagerly awaiting my flight to NYC with my girl and our gayboys in tow. It's all very exciting. More exciting even than the baked brie I devoured on Saturday night. Yes really.

Am glad (as of yesterday) to be rid of the double, massive wooden crutches and feel much better having to traipse around NYC with my new, lightweight albeit still uncool crutch. I really hope the 26 inches of snow have cleared up as I may be tempted to break the other ankle with a repeat performance of sledging into a fence. Because that really was one of my better ideas.

We're heading to The City of all things fabulous for a whole 8 days. How many gay bars can we visit in that time I wonder? We've no concrete plans other than seeing kt tunstall at the Bowery on the night we get there. Bad planning really seeing as we land only a couple of hours before she is due to play. We'll probably make it to the venue as she's bundled off into her tour bus to get it on with her lesbian lover boyfriend.

The only other thing we really wanted to do was go to TRL so we emailed in plenty of time and were more excitable than a poof on poppers when we received an email saying we could get tickets for 8th March. Oh who would we see?! What A lister would we get close to? Britney? Madonna? Angelina? And, more importantly, would we get our over-eager faces (sure to be red and bloated with excitement) on TV? Well our enthusiasm was short lived: we composed ourselves long enough to read the email terms and conditions. It would appear that at the grand old ages of 27 and 25, we are in fact too old for TRL! Oh the shame. Authentic ID is required, not to weed out the prepubescent cider drinking crew but to ensure that us mid twenties folks do not get our ageing faces on their show. Doubt it.

Anyway, so much to do, so little time! Still having a gammy foot is a complete hinderance when preparing for a holiday so everything takes double the time. Hmpf.

And so I go repaint my shoddy nails and drown in homemade soup. Yes, so much to do...

Today's Likes

Having found an iota or self control at the weekend in regards to alcohol, not bad after 27 years
Baked brie... sweet, hot, delicious
Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy: Faster pussycat kill
All the exciting homo bars to hit in NYC
Gay bookshops in NYC, we don't even have a gay section here, what a novelty

Today's Dislikes

My limp, so unbecoming
Corinne Bailey Rae - please don't put that record on
The Brats on Brat Camp, all so lesbian
Diva Magazine, never fails to unimpress
My teenage acne, oh maybe that will help me get onto TRL?