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Monday, January 15

Am currently watching One Tree Hill in italian while feasting on the mini bar delights and releasing all my gas that has built up due to air pressure and crap plane food. i'm hoping that i'm not goin to have any visitors to my room anytime soon... have singed my own eyebrows off as it is. Vile lesbo. Am attempting to blog from my phone cos i really have nothing to do. I understand no italian so tv is out, i don't trust myself in any shops selling food or trainers so shopping is out, after last month's mega bill phoning anyone is out... and so i languish in my own bodily smells while i await instruction from my colleagues who may or may not even know i'm here... could b in for a very lonely wk. there's only one solution: crack open the Heiniken, get wasted, make up my own storylines for the tv I can't translate and pass out fully clothed ready to start work tomorrow with the dirtiest hangover breath ever. Yas, it's all good and I'm so not all that...... ciao from this lesbo on tour in Milano x