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Tuesday, January 23

Well it’s official: I now have a new abode and a new flatmate: the infamous Bo. Very importantly, I have my own room and all manners of black and pink accessories which I can freely scatter or place as I so wish. I have even learned how to make my bed; a concept previously very foreign to me and something I’m only partaking in because a dishevelled black and pink bed-set goes unappreciated. Making a bed clearly brings on a very heavy sweat however and is an activity that should be carried out alone...

I found it most appropriate that the first song I heard when I cranked up the radio on getting into the flat was Boogie 2Nite:

‘I’ve found a place where we can boogie’

And boogie we shall. The parties have been sparse for months, owing to a number of circumstances beyond our control, largely the lack of free space in which to party/carry on/make a tit of ourselves but now that we are free of the clutches of our parents, let the parties commence. Let the neighbours begin the weekend routine of banging on the ceiling, thumping on the floor and gingerly knocking on the door to sheepishly request that you turn the mismash of tunes down as The Bo and I fight for airspace (Libertines Vs Britney) and dance space in our ace flat. Oh, Saturday did see the beginning of good things to come… Oh and of course, that’s why, three days on I still feel like a giant bag of turd: rose wine, champagne, wine liqueur…at least I was consistent and refrained from The Bo’s lethal bloody marys. Oh she deserved to lose herself in beef and tomato pot noodles the following day.

And so I go prepare myself for the impending hair wash, it’s all just too much.

Today’s Likes

Meeting new people; Golden Boy for instance

Evening walks in the snow with my special friend

My massive flat, there’s nae need really :-)

Until I Find You – John Irving

Not feeling mental…

Casa Del FeeBo!

Today’s Dislikes

Being in a cubicle next to someone taking a huge dump which sounded like a massive bag of maltesers being dropped into water from a great height

My beamer that won’t subside

The smell of my own filthy hair, clean it you lazy bitch

Monstrous hangovers

Non text replyers… how much effort does it really take?