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Wednesday, March 28

It’s 11.25am, The Gay Exchange is probably still fast asleep. I, however, am still drunk.

How did a night of freeing Pauline the pigeon from the loft and gorging on smoked salmon risotto turn into The Gay Exchange and me being the only people in the gay bar and subsequently bullying our way around the dance floor in straightville with our own, pathetically awful dirty dancing routine? I guess devouring a box of wine will have that effect.

But what’s most concerning (more concerning than making a total tit of myself in a vile straight club)is the fact that the gay bar DJ played My Chemical Romance but did not have ANY Madonna or Britney I mean, come on… What is wrong with the world?

And so I must go stotter around my work because the stench of myself is too overpowering to stay in the same place for long.

Long live boxed wine.