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Wednesday, March 7

Note to self: If you only eat beans on toast for dinner, do not then go and down two bottles of wine. The beans and wine combo guaranteed that after a fabulous evening with MC (my delectable straight man friend) that much vomiting ensued.

So much for drinking only soda and lime. So much for being home by 9pm. So much for tidying up the pit that is my bedroom ('Help there's been a burglary but they only hit my room') and so much for washing my beast-ridden hair.

I dare not tell you how long it has been since I undertook the mammoth task that is washing my hair. At least the grease is keeping it flatter than the GHDs do. I had to salalom my way to work today to avoid people contact because the smell that is emanating from my filthy locks is definitely puke inducing.

Further note to self: Get your priorities right: wash hair prior to going out and getting pissed on cheap wine before you get a name for yourself as The Greasey Headed Lesbo 2007. Oh. Too late.

And so I go sweep up the dandruff that has fallen all over my desk. Gadzerino.